Queensland initiatives for international students

International Education and Training Strategy

In 2016 the Queensland Government launched the International Education and Training Strategy to Advance Queensland 2016-2026 (IET Strategy) detailing 36 specific initiatives aimed at supporting international education and training in Queensland. Through this, the Queensland Government has committed $25.3 million over five years to four strategic imperatives:

  1. Promoting Queensland Internationally
    Attract the best and brightest students from the most diverse range of markets across all sectors both onshore and offshore.
  2. Enhancing the Student Experience
    Improve student satisfaction with the quality of their experience both inside and outside of the ‘classroom’.
  3. Growing our Regions
    Increase the contribution of international education and training to regional economies and ensure that Queensland offers the most diverse, comprehensive and unique offerings to international students.
  4. Connecting the Industry
    Improve leadership, coordination and advocacy, and develop a Queensland perspective on industry issues and opportunities.

The IET Strategy also leverages from other Queensland Government policies including Advance QueenslandAdvancing Tourism 2016-20: Growing Queensland Jobsand Advancing education: An action plan for education in Queensland.

Trade and Investment Strategy

The Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy 2017– 2022 (TIS Strategy) was released in April 2017 to drive local jobs and the Queensland economy. It provides a plan for cooperation between governments, business, educational institutions and local councils to create jobs for Queenslanders, with a vision to:

“Position Queensland as Australia’s most innovative and dynamic trading economy – a magnet for global investment.”

Advance Queensland

The E&E Project also addresses the premise of Advance Queensland, the Queensland Government’s $500 million initiative that aims to:

“Position Queensland as a place where entrepreneurs, industry, universities and government collaborate to turn great ideas into commercial products and businesses that create jobs.”

This initiative is the Queensland Government’s innovation agenda. It encompasses a suite of programs designed to create the knowledge-based jobs of the future, drive productivity improvements, and promote the state as an attractive investment destination with a strong innovation and entrepreneurial culture.

The following programs form part of the Advance Queensland initiative.

Commercialisation Partnership Program
The Commercialisation Partnership Program places Queensland innovators in Chinese incubators to collaborate with global expertise, access top facilities and accelerate commercial outcomes.

Global Partnership Awards
The Global Partnership Awards supports collaboration between Queensland and international innovators by offering graduates, researchers and entrepreneurs the chance to learn directly from overseas successes.

The Global Partnership Awards include:

  • The Innovation and Market Insight program – designed to enable Queensland startups, business leaders, investors and support organisations to undertake accelerated learning by engaging with world leading companies, venture capital and angel investors, accelerator programs and startup systems.
  • The International Innovation Partnerships program – will establish medium to long-term strategic relationships with global research or innovation organisations. The program provides opportunities to build joint investments with leading global research institutions or universities to support collaborative research and development.