Queensland Universities’ 2018

EQUIP Researchers Conference

Equipping Queensland International Postgraduate Researchers

Customs House, Brisbane

A consortium of eight Queensland Universities came together in July 2018 to host an international HDR1 conference, the first of its kind.

“That was the most valuable ‘workshop’ that I have ever participated in.”
– International PhD student (2nd year) at JCU

“It was an awesome experience.”
– PhD student (1st year) from Bangladesh, at UQ

– PhD student (2nd year) from China, at Griffith

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The EQUIP Research Conference covered practical advice and strategies to enhance the skills of HDR candidates at all stages of the employability process. It also offered a platform for participating HDR candidates to join discussions on the development and delivery of resources to assist all Queensland HDR candidates through their HDR journey, enhance the HDR experience, and bridge the gap between candidature and employment.

Feedback from attendees about our speakers

Dr Shari Walsh (@ResilResearcher) | Principal Psychologist and Owner, Growth Psychology

“I think Shari’s talk is going to be extremely useful to help me find a job. It surprised me how breaking down our skills and abilities led me to discover that I have a lot!”
– PhD student (1st year) from Costa Rica, at JCU


Danielle Duell (@danielleduell) | Founder and CEO, People With Purpose

“Inspiring talk! Some of her business ideas gave me a different perspective to look at my scientific ideas.”
– PhD student (3rd year) from Turkey, at UQ


Mara Bún (@marabun) | President, Australian Conservation Foundation

“Mara’s talk was excellent! It was great to see how careers can change from time to time, and it was interesting to hear how she has used her skills and interests to adapt to different scenarios.”
– PhD student (2nd year) from Brazil, at USC


Professor Brad Jackson (@profinplace) | Director, Policy Innovation Hub | Professor of Social Innovation, Griffith University

“Brad’s talk was very inspiring. It reminded me of the importance of leadership in my life and how it is important to try to make a difference in society.”
– PhD student (1st year) from Costa Rica, at JCU


Professor Talal Yusaf (@TalalYusaf) | Incoming Pro Vice Chancellor (International), Federation University

“This inspiring talk about his early career struggles and how he has successfully overcome them was very motivating.”
– PhD student (3rd year) from India, at CQU

1HDR stands for Higher Degree Research. In Australia, our HDR students (known as ‘candidates’) are completing a research degree, usually referring to a PhD. Click here for more information on what this means.